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Murder Diner

Details about this event

Join detective Woudstra to solve a complicated but ‘fun’ murder investigation. The Holland Tour Guides Murder Dinner lets you enjoy a thrilling play in a cosy restaurant somewhere in the Netherlands or Belgium. The stage is set for a lovely meal….there is only a slight problem. One of you sitting at the table is a vicious murderer with a great talent to hide his or hers intentions. Fortunately, we have ordered police detective Woudstra to help you investigate and interrogate every suspect. Which of you will be caught at a blatant lie?

A shot is fired…..the lights go out. When the room is lit again, there is a chalk line on the floor. And it’s not a child’s drawing! There is no DNA and no murder weapon. Detective Woudstra enters the dining room and simply informs you that a person has just been murdered and that you are all witnesses and suspects! All of you!

Each of you is given a script and suitable clothing to get into character. You can be the arrogant lawyer, the overconfident and sassy prostitute or the shy toilet lady.

Together with detective Woudstra you’ll solve this vicious murder while you are sipping your glass of wine. This investigation is desperately needed, but we make it very comfy and enjoyable!

  • Scripts
  • Suitable clothing for each of you to get into character
  • A 3-course dinner in a very cosy room
  • A thrilling couple of hours!
  • A special award for the most talented detective in the room!
  • Can be booked on any day and time you prefer!

Can be booked on any day and time you prefer!

For transportation of the materials we charge € 150,00 excl. 21% VAT.


Don’t want to reach for your wallet every time you have to pay for your drink? For € 8,50 per person per hour (excl. VAT.), you can enjoy unlimited amounts of beer, soft drinks, house wines, coffee and tea. You will not be unpleasantly surprised later on!

Reservations for small groups:

Do you have less participants then the required minimum number? If you want to pay for the minimum number, you can also book for smaller groups!

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