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Get The Picture

Details about this event

You want to discover a city centre in with friends, colleagues or family? Holland Tour Guides’ Get The picture is a special Quest to discover the most beautiful spots and scenery of your chosen city. This Quest is centred around some very interesting photo assignments. Each photo assignment takes you to another monument or interesting hotspot.

Your group will be divided into several teams. Each team is given a digital camera, a road map and a booklet with the assignments. Each assignment is illustrated by a snapshot your team has to take which coincidently also serves as proof for our jury (so that they can ascertain that you at least have been there!).

The clock is ticking. Each team has to complete the assignments and afterwards we meet up in a pub for the award ceremony. Our jury shall quickly ascertain which team has completed the most assignments and which of you will not go home with our special Get the Picture award.

  • Supervision
  • Teambuilding
  • Award ceremony
  • Award for the winning team
  • One drink per person (beer, wine, soda, coffee or tea)
  • All pictures will be send to you afterwards
  • Can be booked on any day you prefer!

Reservations for small groups:

Do you have less participants then the required minimum number? If you want to pay for the mininum number, you can also book for smaller groups!

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