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Crime City Tablet Game

Details about this event

Step into the shoes of seasoned criminals, your goal is to beat all the other criminal elements in the city centre of your choice! The concept of this outdoor event is simple: competing teams have to collect as much loot as possible by cracking safes, robbing banks or stealing money from the competition. At the end of the game only one criminal gang is still standing. The Crime City Game can be organised in several cities across The Netherlands and Belgium.

Ones the teams are divided, you’ll all go out into the city with tablets and several walkie-talkies. On the tablet, you’ll find a map with different locations where something can be robbed. You can also find the whereabouts of the other teams. You can steal money from the other team’s bank account by ambushing or encircling them. But be careful, the police are aware of your presence and if you get caught you’ve to bribe them with your earned cash. The walkie-talkies can be used to keep in touch with your henchmen and to adapt your strategy to changing circumstances.

Throughout the game you also have insight into the competition’s bank account, so you know exactly when your team needs to switch gear. All of this will certainly result in a thrilling race. At the end of the game all teams gather for a drink in a cosy restaurant where our jury shall ascertain which of you are the most talented criminals of the day. Maybe you should start another career! Enjoy!

  • A GPS-tablet for each team
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Professional supervision
  • 1 drink
  • Special award ceremony
  • Can be booked on any day you prefer!


15 – 19 persons € 27,50 p.p. excl. 21% VAT
20 – 29 persons € 25,50 p.p. excl. 21% VAT
30 – > persons € 23,50 p.p. excl. 21% VAT

Reservations for small groups:

Do you have less participants then the required minimum number? If you want to pay for the minimum number, you can also book for smaller groups!

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